Liquor privatization bill sparks criticism

Liquor privatization bill sparks criticism

A Senate hearing on modernizing the state's liquor system revealed a divide among interested parties.

State agents think grocery stores could put them out of business, wineries worried their products would be shoved off shelves, and advocates for grocery stores pushed for full privatization.

Joe Gilliam, president of the Northwest Grocery Association, told lawmakers he thinks the proposal could violate the federal commerce clause because it would require grocery stores to prioritize Oregon distilleries.

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0 #1 OLCC effectively bans Chinese liquorGuest 2014-02-05 21:13:59
Disbanding the OLCC, or at least removing hem from the business of procuring and selling liquor, would grant freedom to Oregonians to purchase what liquors they prefer. I enjoy the bai jiu produced in China, the traditional drink of a fifth of the world's population, easily available in California. The OLCC has not imported Bai Jiu so it cannot be legally purchased in Oregon. The OLCC is a state-imposed impediment to our freedom.
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