National GOP requests Cover Oregon records

National GOP requests Cover Oregon records

The Republican National Committee filed a public records request for information about the state's troubled health insurance exchange.

Brad Martin, executive director of the Democratic Party of Oregon, called the Republican move a "press stunt." He said the health care law is providing coverage to thousands of people who didn't have it before and preventing insurance companies from spending too much money on administration.

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+1 #1 Cover Your FaceGuest 2014-01-17 20:15:02
CoverOregon the state's latest debacle, in a long and distinguished list of failed software and public works projects, has made national news once again. We were told that the states that embraced Obamacare, those run by DEMOCRATS would have a far more successful result than those depending n the federal website. Ironically states like Oregon and apparently Minnesota and Hawaii DEMOCRAT RUN states have even worse results than the poster child for government ineptness.

The truly sad result is that millions if not billions that could have provided HEALTHCARE to sick people were wasted on moronic commercials and broken websites. How much better off our citizens would be if someone had focused on the get HEALTHCARE to sick people instead of creating these giant morasses where they are now stuck.

My only hope is that this incredibly unsuccessful venture into government run healthcare will inoculate us against any further effort to federalize a highly personal and individual service.
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