Oregon congressman battles for GMO labeling

Oregon congressman battles for GMO labeling

Rep. Peter DeFazio is pushing legislation to require mandatory nationwide labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms but the Grocery Manufacturers Association is fighting back.

The food industry is circulating a proposal in Congress that would allow voluntary labeling while pre-empting states from adopting their own labeling laws.  The move comes after Washington voters narrowly voted down a GMO labeling initiative -- and as activists are pushing forward with a similar initiative in Oregon.

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0 #1 Food consumerGuest 2014-01-09 20:56:09
Thank you Rep. DeFazio. We all have a right to know what we are eating. This is only burdensome to an industry if they do not want us to have that knowledge. That implies that they do now want us to know, and do not want us to make educated and informed opinions. This is contrary to so much of what makes our system work as well as it does. An educated public that makes decisions based on knowledge is a the foundation of a strong democracy and every time we loose a step in this chain we undermine our national strength and character.
Allowing any industry to prevent public awareness is a bad idea.
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