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Director of Cover Oregon resigns

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Friday, January 03, 2014

Rocky King's official last day is March 5.

"The board of directors had been in the process of searching for an interim executive director to serve during Rocky’s absence," said Cover Oregon Board Chair Liz Baxter in an email to staff. "We will now shift our focus to finding a permanent director."

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+3 #1 Better Luck Next TimeGuest 2014-01-03 19:42:22
I hope the Cover Oregon board has a clue how to hire an effective administrator after the multi million dollar debacle brought to we the taxpayers by the usual suspects...gove rnment bureaucrats.

Read Eric Fruits' column regarding the REPEATED failures of Oregon's attempts to install and operate software. This isn't our first rodeo! Billions have already been wasted by the DMV and other agencies.

How do the taxpayers, aka the folks who pay the salaries of these incompetent paper pushers, get some kind of fair return for the "investment" of our hard earned money?

No one is held accountable. I am sure Rocky will live large off his state PERS account despite the bodies lying about the battlefield of Cover Oregon. Meanwhile more money is needed to try to untangle the mess.

Wake up Oregonians. We need to empty Salem and that includes the non elected power mongers who engineer these epic failures.

Vote them OUT and their little dog too.
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