Oregon's online health exchange is still offline

Oregon's online health exchange is still offline

Oregon's online health-insurance exchange is the only system nationwide that has not gone live.

In fall 2012, Oregon was one of a handful of states that had received huge payouts from the federal government to be an “early innovator” and build a model that other states would emulate.

Nearly three months after it was supposed to go live, the online enrollment system is the only one in the nation that still hasn’t launched, and the state has had to rely exclusively on paper applications.

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0 #1 The Straitjacket of IdeologyGuest 2013-12-23 20:45:41
“I regret that the calendar was not our friend,” Lawson told the AP before she resigned. “I think that the vision is still the right vision for the state of Oregon.”

Let's see, a head start, billions of dollars, and the whole thing is a disaster. But Ms Lawson who was apparently instrumental in arranging this failure cannot admit that her "grand vision" was a major reason for the myriad of problems.

Oregon has been the laughingstock of the country between the moronic ads and the incredible waste of tax dollars. However, it simply demonstrates how someone with a specific ideology will ignore warning signs and outright failure when it doesn't comport with their lofty theories.

This is the LEFT in action. Can we please elect or appoint people with real world experience and ability next time?
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