Agriculture industry an early drone technology adopter

Agriculture industry an early drone technology adopter

Unmanned planes could rapidly transform agriculture, similar to moving from analog to digital technology.

Agriculture is in the midst of a significant transformation, [Bosh Precision Agriculture general manager Young Kim] said. The “biggest ag boom since the 1980s” is accompanied by a trend in which the number of farmers is declining but the acreage farmed by each is increasing, Kim said. At the same time, those farmers working large plots of land want the intimate knowledge they used to have of smaller acreage. Drones can provide that, but Kim said people shouldn’t get hung up on the “sexiness” of the technology.

“The real value is the data,” he said. “Focus on the problem of the grower and work backward from there.”

Kim was among a series of experts speaking at a day-long precision agriculture forum held in McMinnville, at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds.

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