30,000 Cover Oregon enrollment packets still not mailed

30,000 Cover Oregon enrollment packets still not mailed

More than 30,000 Oregonians who met the Cover Oregon deadline for submitting applications still don't have their enrollment packets.

The concession by Dr. Bruce Goldberg, interim director of the state's exchange, raises serious concerns about the state's ability to meet Gov. John Kitzhaber's promise to successfully enroll all Oregonians who need individual insurance Jan. 1.

Of particular concern are the more than 20,000 individuals whose high-risk health insurance plans have no chance of being extended past Dec. 31.

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0 #1 Yet Another Nail in the CoffinGuest 2013-12-11 21:45:23
When will progressives learn that you cannot wish something into existence. You cannot take over a segment of the economy that is SO personal, so important, and so confidential just because you think you know more than the great unwashed whose tax revenues are paying for the latest state debacle.

Why weren't these millions allocated to providing MEDICAL CARE? Will someone answer? Instead we have stupid commercials that say nothing, idiotic cartoon billboards and a website that doesn't work.

Meanwhile right before Christmas, people with serious health concerns are being stressed by the lack of competence at all levels in Obamacare.

Whose dumb idea was it to take over healthcare?
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