Kitzhaber's tax reform would take $8M campaign

Kitzhaber's tax reform would take $8M campaign

Gov. John Kitzhaber wants to reform Oregon's tax system but it would take $8 million in campaign dollars.

Oregon relies heavily on personal income tax to fund schools and other government services, but the state tax system is riddled with complicated tax rules dating from a voter-driven tax revolt two decades ago.

There’s little consensus among the left and the right on what tax reform could look like. But Kitzhaber has convened political leaders from business and labor to see what might work.



0 #1 RE: Kitzhaber's tax reform would take $8M campaignGuest 2013-12-11 00:30:34
Democrates currently rule all three branches of OR State government, anyone in the private sector with any money or a good annual income is doomed. If your in the medical profession (Obama Care - Cover Oregon) or belong to the new elitist Government employee group, or belong to the teachers union you have a it good in this state.
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