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Oregon especially hard hit by food stamp cuts

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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Oregon is one of six states with 20% or more of its population using food stamps.

The others are Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico and Louisiana.

"Oregon doesn't come to mind when you think about states needing food stamps," says Karen Edmonds, programs and services director at FOOD for Lane County, a food bank.

"But what we are seeing in Oregon is a slow crawl out of the recession," Edmonds says. "Even though the recession is considered over … the situation is not getting better."

Oregon doesn't have the endemic poverty that has plagued other states with high rates of food stamp use, but it has a boom-or-bust economy that relies on manufacturing, lumber and construction — three industries ravaged by the recession — says Mary King, an economics professor at Portland State University.

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+1 #1 Econopmic Growth Would HelpGuest 2013-12-05 19:06:55
Oregon's high tax (now Blumenaur wants another tax increase) and anti business climate means living wage jobs such as in the timber industry fled to more friendly territory decades ago. We cannot support the economy with interpretive dance, food carts and the Saturday market. If people cannot get jobs they become more and more dependent on charities, food banks and government programs.

People want to work and support themselves. The wizards in Salem don't seem to make the connection between their hostility toward business...unle ss it's solar panels or some other unsustainable (economically) green energy debacle... and the lack of jobs.

Do the math not the meth.
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