Tualatin winery plans wine in cans

Tualatin winery plans wine in cans

Tualatin-based Union Wine Company plans to introduce wine in a can as part of its commitment to making wine accessible to the general public.

Union Wine hopes its roughly $5, 375-milliliter cans of Underwood pinot gris and pinot noir will hit shelves by spring of 2014. It may sound expensive to those used to $6 six-packs of Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boys, but the price works out to a $10 bottle. Packaging wine in a can plays into a larger “beerification” of wine, says co-owner Ryan Harms.

“Our hope is that it will do away with the airs people think they need to put on or knowledge they think they need to have in order to enjoy wine,” said Harms.

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0 #1 DougGuest 2013-11-27 17:01:39
by rule I don't drink beer from a can. I sure as heck won't drink wine from a can either.

It's not about being snooty, it's about enjoying the taste of the product, not the can.
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