Oregon farmers aren't excited about hemp

Oregon farmers aren't excited about hemp

Activists are happy about the prospect of growing industrial hemp in Oregon, but local farmers aren't as excited.

“I don’t think anyone’s even considering it at this point,” said Russ Karow, chair of the Crop and Soil Science Department at Oregon State University.

There doesn’t appear to be any lingering concern that industrial hemp will be confused with its illegal cousin, marijuana. Instead, Oregon farmers will be looking at the balance sheet, not the rap sheet. With wheat prices decent and grass seed on the rebound, large conventional operators aren’t interested. Other farmers would need answers to questions about irrigation, harvest equipment and market infrastructure.

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0 #1 Farmers left in the dark.Guest 2013-11-29 17:57:06
If farmers were really informed about hemp growing in Oregon or any other state, and the government would not come in and seize under the rico act, farmers would indeed consider harvesting Industrial hemp. Farmers need a alternative crop, soybean and corn are inferior to hemp in production cost alone. As a consultant in this field, until we tell the truth, hemp will remain a stigma. Hemp-UP America.
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