Damascus could disincorporate

Damascus could disincorporate

Oregon could lose Damascus next month, if enough people vote to disincorporate.

Chris Hawes with the campaign to dissolve the city of Damascus says if he only needed a majority “yes” vote, his side would win. But he needs a majority of all voters in town.

Hawes said, “A disincorporation petition, because of state law, requires that you get the ‘yes’ votes from 50 percent plus one of registered voters. It’s the only election in state law that requires that level.

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0 #1 Damascus Disincorporatio nGuest 2013-10-28 17:59:14
The governing body of Damascus has received over $12M in tax payer money the past eight+ years, and has nothing to show for it but a few pitiful street lamps outside the current town hall. Reckless abuse of power on the part of the mayor, ignorance on the part of the elected counsel members have contributed to utter dysfunction and embarrassment for the community. I'm tired of investing in a governing body intent on misleading voters, and wasting my hard earned money. If we had competent elected officials I might feel differently.
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