Adidas remains committed to Portland

Adidas remains committed to Portland

Portland-based Adidas America and Reebok, based in Massachusetts, are combining into Adidas Group North America.

Speculation has persisted about whether the two entities would combine at one location.

Paul Fireman, the sporting goods distributor who revived Reebok and once competed closely with Nike before selling Reebok to Adidas in 2005 for $3.8 billion, suggested as much when the sale took place. Fireman also suggested Canton, Mass., would be the future home of the combined brands.

Adidas officials have consistently batted away such speculation. Placing the company's North Portland headquarters up for sale in 2010 with the stated intent of a lease-back from the buyer, however, did not quell the speculation. (It's still for sale. Reebok's headquarters and surrounding acreage is owned by Adidas and was not put up for a sale-lease back deal.)

In responses Monday to questions posed by The Oregonian, the company reaffirmed its commitment to Adidas in Portland, based at 5055 N. Greeley Ave.