USDA threatens to shut down Foster Farms plants

USDA threatens to shut down Foster Farms plants

The USDA warned Foster Farms that it will suspend production at three of its California plants over an ongoing Salmonella outbreak.

“Your establishment has failed to demonstrate that it has adequate controls in place to address Salmonella in your poultry as evidence by the continuing illness outbreak,” the Notice of Intended Enforcement said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been tracking the outbreak since March. At least 280 people have been sickened in 17 states, including Oregon, and more than 40 percent have been hospitalized.



0 #1 General Political ActivistGuest 2013-10-10 21:48:40
I enjoy consuming products from Foster Farms, and I am sad to see this extreme course of action. Is it simply too difficult for USDA to do its job, or what? I would rather see USDA enforce current inspection laws, to ensure that our food supply remains safe, as it is preferable to consequential food shortages, that may potentially ensue, due to a wholesale shutdown. If you have to metaphorically cut out the abscess, but at least keep the healthy meat intact, so as to minimize waste, right? I'd still eat it. Maybe.
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