Tax reform next big Oregon project

Tax reform next big Oregon project

Now that the special session is over, Gov. Kitzhaber's next big project is tackling tax reform.

“We clearly have to take on the issue of comprehensive reform of our system of public finance,” Kitzhaber said, “which I intend to apply myself to rather vigorously, starting tomorrow.”

The most consistent reason given for changing Oregon’s tax code is it’s over-reliance on income taxes. Most reform scenarios involve some form of a sales tax.



0 #1 Governance Training LeadGuest 2013-10-08 14:31:40
I'm in favor of a sales tax, however not because it would provide greater stability from a revenue standpoint but lower property taxes to limit the burden on people living on a fixed income. Too many ballot measures coming forth designed to raise taxes on property owners because we are a simple target. Non-home owners will always vote to put the financial burden someplace else. It's an unfair process. Need to spread the tax burden through a sales tax.
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