Liquor privatization bad for Oregon, OLCC chair says

Liquor privatization bad for Oregon, OLCC chair says

Privatizing liquor in Oregon would hurt state revenue and the growing craft distillery industry, the OLCC chairman says.

Rob Patridge, only recently appointed chairman of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, said his agency hasn't been asked yet to do a thorough economic study of the impact of Washington-style privatization. But he knows it won't look good.

"If we have the Washington model come to Oregon, it would certainly hurt revenue long-term for the state," said Patridge, who is Klamath County district attorney and a former state representative.



+1 #1 We can tax liquor without the control commissionGuest 2013-09-16 18:52:33
I would prefer to have the freedom to select my beverages instead of having a state nanny determine what is available. OLCC still blocks sale of all liquors from mainland China. I am willing to trade some revenue for freedom, but I think it is a false exchange: surely liquor can be taxed without OLCC, other states that are not control states still collect liquor taxes.
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