Oregon OKs beer and wine at liquor stores

Oregon OKs beer and wine at liquor stores

Oregon's liquor board loosened restrictions, allowing any state liquor outlet to sell beer and wine with the necessary licenses.

Last year, the agency gave approval for four liquor outlets around the state to start selling beer and wine as a pilot project. Apparently it's working. Revenues at those four stores rose an average of 12 percent, compared with 7.8 percent statewide, according to OLCC data released Thursday.

Agents won't rush to convert their stores, one local proprietor predicted. But Oregon drinkers can expect to see more options when they visit their neighborhood liquor store.

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0 #1 Now loosed PRC liquor restrictionsGuest 2013-09-13 18:24:47
OLCC still refuses to import any of the traditional liquors of a fifth of the world's population. There are many Oregonians who would enjoy the sorghum distillates called "bai jiu" in China. For now, it takes a trip to California or Vancouver BC to buy a bottle of Mao Tai, Wu Liang Ye or the delightfully incendiary Hong Xing Er Guo Tou Jiu. Do we really need this restrictive blue-law holdover from the start of the past century? End the OLCC.
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