Oregon researchers work on HIV vaccine

Oregon researchers work on HIV vaccine

Oregon Health and Science University researchers used a vaccine to cure 50% of monkeys infected with a cousin of the HIV virus.

The results were published in the journal Nature.

Scientists have pursued an HIV vaccine for years. OHSU’s team hopes this one is successful. Two years ago they reported progress in controlling the virus. Now, however, they say their new test vaccine doesn't just control SIV -- it appears to completely eradicate it.

"To date, HIV infection has only been cured in a very small number of highly-publicized but unusual clinical cases in which HIV-infected individuals were treated with anti-viral medicines very early after the onset of infection or received a stem cell transplant to combat cancer," said Dr. Louis Picker of OHSU in a statement. "This latest research suggests that certain immune responses elicited by a new vaccine may also have the ability to completely remove HIV from the body."

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