Federal judge prevents logging expansion

Federal judge prevents logging expansion

A federal judge ruled to keep protections in place for a threatened coastal seabird, another defeat for the timber industry.

U.S. District Judge John Bates in Washington, D.C., said marbled murrelets will keep their Endangered Species Act listing. He also rejected an argument that central California murrelets, which are doing poorly, should not be lumped in with the populations in Oregon, Washington and Northern California.

The lawsuit was the timber industry’s fourth attempt in the past decade to eliminate protections for the forests that marbled murrelets call home, despite undisputed scientific evidence that murrelets are continuing to disappear from the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California.

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+1 #1 What's Really Endangered?Guest 2013-09-06 18:51:52
You'd think these activist judges would grow a brain and look at how ineffective these bans have been. The Spotted Owl is being killed by the Barred Owl, not by timber companies.

What's really endangered is the industry that kept Oregon's economy booming for decades. I drove the highway 20 corridor and saw one closed business after another. Tourism is not going to replace logging, particularly since it's seasonal.

The people are suffering but hey the marbled murrelet has a friend in this judge.
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