Call center opening in Veneta with 180 jobs

Call center opening in Veneta with 180 jobs

First Call Resolution plans to open a call center in Veneta, bringing an estimated 180 jobs.

“This is a significant step to create new jobs in the region,” Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich said in a written statement. “Our economic development team has done great work helping land new jobs in rural Lane County.”

“Construction on the new facility is expected to start on or around September 1,” according to the county’s announcement, “The call center is expected to begin operations in approximately 90 days.”

Read more at The Register-Guard.


0 #1 Call Center for First Call ReolutionsGuest 2013-09-06 00:43:31
A call center in Veneta is a very exciting venture. We can sure use the job opportunities here. I for one would love to be considered for a position with your company and I have had a great deal of experience in this area.

Thank you,

Judy Marsall
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