Senate president opposes Kitzhaber's CRC plan

Senate president opposes Kitzhaber's CRC plan

Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney isn't supporting Gov. Kitzhaber's plan for an Oregon-only Columbia River Crossing.

Courtney, D-Salem, said Wednesday night that he's not supporting an Oregon-only Columbia River Crossing without some signal from Washington's political leaders that they'd accept the plan. He said he also worries that, by pursuing a single-state bridge option, Kitzhaber risks upending a special legislative session that the governor is expected to call to handle reform of taxes and the Public Employees Retirement System.

"He's promised me they're not going to let this screw it up," Courtney said of the CRC and the special session. "But it scares me to death."



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The "Common Sense Alternative" (CSA) is a cheaper, faster, and better way of crossing the Columbia River ...
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