Junction City biogas generator to power 1,500 homes

Junction City biogas generator to power 1,500 homes

The new facility is an alternative-energy plant that will use food scraps and farm waste to create a renewable source of energy for power utilities in the Willamette Valley.

According to CEO Dean Foor, JC-­Biomethane LLC plans to wrap up construction of its $4 million Green Lane Energy biogas facility by the end of October. The plant will compost organic waste such as food scraps, straw, manure and other materials to generate methane gas that will be collected and burned to power a turbine and produce electricity.


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0 #1 Recycling of Waste in BangaloreGuest 2013-09-11 10:01:56
Any organic waste has the capability to produce biogas: manure, fruit, vegetable waste, slaughterhouse waste, meat-packing waste, dairy factory waste, brewery and distillery waste, etc.In developing countries, biogas could be an interesting energy option, in particular for those countries that rely heavily on traditional biomass for their energy needs.
Biogas Plant in Kerala
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