Teacher training needs upgrade

Teacher training needs upgrade

Oregon is doing a better job at preparing teachers, but changes need to happen faster, a state audit found.

Many changes recommended in the audit are already under way and will be accelerated now that the Oregon Department of Education and others are spending the money and carrying out the mandates that came with passage of House Bill 3233, a priority of since-departed Oregon Education Officer Rudy Crew, said his interim successor Nancy Golden.

The legislation and its $45 million in funding will create a network to research, plan and carry out educator training and retraining. That will include mentoring for new teachers and support for all teachers to learn to teach to more demanding academic standards in math, reading, writing and reasoning.

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0 #1 EugeneGuest 2013-08-21 21:22:02
I heard Kate Brown's soundbite on the radio this morning and my first thought was, "Why is she doing an audit on education programs?" Was she asked? I thought her job was about elections and audits into state offices, not programs. Anyone???
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