Rogue Valley store sells bikes, beer

Rogue Valley store sells bikes, beer

Flywheel Bicycle Solutions in Talent will soon become the only bicycle shop in the Rogue Valley that also sells beer and wine.

“I will always be primarily a bicycle shop, but I thought it would set my shop apart if I served beer and wine,” [owner Ian] Bagshaw said. “Bikes and beer. They get along pretty well.”

The shop features a long slab of rock that serves as a bar, where customers can sit and sip a brew while Bagshaw and his employees work on their two-wheeled rides.

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0 #1 The WorstGuest 2013-08-22 06:08:52
The Flywheel Bicycle Solutions has the worst attitude and customer service that I have experienced. I guess they figure if they get people drunk enough, they can get away with it. The bicycle thing must not be working out.
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