Rudy Crew racked up colossal travel expenses

Rudy Crew racked up colossal travel expenses

Oregon's ex chief education officer, Rudy Crew, billed the state for thousands of dollars in personal travel expenses. He took more than nine weeks of paid time off during his year on the job, including six weeks of paid vacation along with sick time, holidays and personal time.

Crew was the second-highest paid state employee with a salary of $280,000.

Some of the trips had no benefit to Oregon, such as a daylong visit to Santa Fe schools to honor a former colleague there (cost to taxpayers: $1,118) and a quick visit to Los Angeles to teach a four-hour course at the University of Southern California, his former employer (for which taxpayers paid $552), records show.

State accounting officials knew something was amiss when Crew billed the state $336 for a town car to drive him between his Salem home and the Portland airport for a three-day February trip to Washington, D.C., plus $350 to upgrade his plane ticket to first-class. He justified the town car by saying it saved the state money, because it would have required $210 in valet airport parking and $270 worth of Crew's time if he had driven himself.



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That is fraud, embezzlement, call it whatever you like. He literally stole from the taxpayers. When will it end? The state should bill him for it. Somebody please sue him.
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