Oregon's middle-class families are struggling

Oregon's middle-class families are struggling

Many middle-class families in Oregon are struggling, the newly updated Family Budget Calculator for 2013 shows. A two-parent, two-child family in Salem needs $63,978 annually to achieve basic economic security. Yet a family of four earning $23,550 is considered to be at the federal poverty threshold.

“Policy experts generally recognize that the federal definition of poverty is outdated and doesn’t reflect what it takes to make ends meet today,” he said. “The budget calculator gives us a much more realistic picture of what it takes.”

One factor of economic security is food or nutrition security, which the Marion-Polk Food Share identifies as access not just to food, but to healthy food. This kind of access can be more challenging to families living in rural communities as opposed to urban areas such as Salem and Portland.

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The problem is that there are many of the middle class, who earn slightly above the official guidelines, therefore, are not categorically eligible for many anti-poverty and federal feeding programs. Expanding, and updating the current guidelines, should have already taken place, but there are certain geo-political forces, and other factors, at play here. If the government was previously in the business of building and sustaining the middle class, to what degree can that be said, post-recession 2008?...
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