Walmart's impact in Cornelius has been positive

Walmart's impact in Cornelius has been positive

Walmart's effect on Cornelius has been overall positive since its debut in 2010, an analysis of taxes, jobs and traffic finds.

Cornelius' acceptance of Walmart is much different than other metro-area cities that are protesting incoming Walmart locations, such as Sherwood.

For the city of 12,000, Wal-Mart meant greater tax revenue, hundreds of new jobs and nearly $1 million in fees for city improvements. Almost 75 percent of Cornelius' assessed tax value is residential, meaning residents (through property taxes) assume a larger-than-usual share of city financing. The city also has one of the highest poverty rates in the metro area.

As the No. 1 employer in Cornelius, Walmart has about 240 associates. Rachel Wall, senior manager of community affairs at Wal-Mart, said about half of those people live in Cornelius or Forest Grove and the majority are full-time. According to its website, the average wage of a Walmart employee in Oregon is $13.26 per hour.


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