'Project Azalea' and WaferTech expansion are separate

'Project Azalea' and WaferTech expansion are separate

Two different companies are contemplating big separate semiconductor factories in Hillsboro and Camas, Wash.

One project goes by the name "Project Azalea." Various state and local officials have said Azalea is considering a site in Hillsboro, and Oregon's economic development agency has said the state is competing with New York for the project.

Soon after, officials in Washington said that WaferTech was contemplating a second chip factory at its campus in Camas. TSMC owns WaferTech, leading some involved in the recruitment efforts to conclude that TSMC was the company behind Azalea.

Indications emerged this spring that Azalea and WaferTech are actually separate, and three people who know details about the projects now say they're definitely not linked.

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