EmX moves forward

EmX moves forward

Lane Transit District will soon begin surveying along the controversial west Eugene EmX route to prepare for construction.

Technical crews will map out underground utilities, utility poles, the exact location and condition of sidewalks, and other elements that need to be documented as part of laying down the $95.6 million EmX route, LTD said.

Once completed, the route will tie into LTD’s growing EmX system, which extends from the downtown Eugene LTD station into downtown Springfield and north to Springfield’s Gateway area.

LTD’s plan to run a bus rapid transit line into west Eugene ran into stiff opposition from some business owners and others. But LTD gained all needed local and federal approvals for the project and is proceeding.

Read more at The Register-Guard.

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0 #1 EmX moves forwardGuest 2013-05-28 18:43:17
The stupidity of some still amazes me. LTD is moving forward with this controversial project against the wishes of the majority of Eugene residents. They say they have the necessary funding from both the Federal Government and State Lottery Funds and local approvals. According to the article $75 million was being paid by the Federal Government and $21 million was being paid by the State Lottery Fund. Where do these people think the Federal Government gets their money? It is not free, but they seem to think it is. Where does LTD get the majority of their revenue? They have a mandatory tax charged to all Lane County businesses. The businesses and self employed that oppose the EmX are being required to majorly fund LTD’s existence through their payroll and self employment taxes. The other major question is why are State Lottery dollars being used to fund this controversial project? When Oregon voted to participate in a lottery, it was to be used 100% for schools. Now Lane County residents are being asked to pass bond measures to repair / update schools because the lottery dollars; that were earmarked for the schools, are being used to fund numerous other projects not remotely associated with education. With leaders like this, it’s no wonder our student’s education is lacking behind other developed civilizations.
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