Branding becoming crucial for craft brewers

Branding becoming crucial for craft brewers

With so many new beers and breweries in Oregon, craft brewers are having to find new ways to stand out from the pack.

"How is a beer supposed to speak for itself when it's in a bottle on a shelf? You know you can do amazing things, but unless you're building that bridge or connection to the consumer, they're not going to find out about it."

Evers says creating a brand involves more than just slapping a label on the outside of a bottle or convincing a bar owner to hang up a neon sign with the name of your beer. He says when it's done right, branding expresses what the product is about and what's important to the people making it.

"And it's not just advertising. It's not just packaging. It's everything that that company does. It's their employment policies, the trade policies that they adopt, what does the president say in a press release. All of those things inform an impression that somebody has around a brand."

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