Oregon knife companies hope to relax TSA rules

Oregon knife companies hope to relax TSA rules

Oregon's knife manufacturers are hoping the TSA will follow through on its plans to permit small knives aboard aircraft again.

The post 9-11 ban on knives and tools significantly dented the knife business, executives say. As passengers carrying pocket knives and tools had them confiscated by security agents, they began to change their habits. People who customarily carried a pocket tool or pocket knife learned they could lose them when passing through security screens in airports, courthouses, schools and elsewhere. That dampened demand.

"We lost about 10 years' worth of traction," said Rod Bremer, president and founder of Tualatin's Columbia River Knife and Tool. Bremer said the results can be seen in the decline in the number of knife-and-cutlery shops nationally and in the revenues of the manufacturers.

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