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Holiday Retirement relocates to Lake Oswego

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Longtime Salem business is one in string of companies drawn to state's business and cultural center.

Holiday Retirement, the owner and operator of retirement communities founded by the late Bill Colson, is moving its corporate office from Salem to Lake Oswego by the spring. Based in Salem since its inception in the 1970s, the company ranks among the nation's largest providers of senior housing.

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janice k Valdez
0 #1 old peoplejanice k Valdez 2012-05-29 16:45:12
i rec'd a final statement from chateau de boise saying i owed 1038.87 for may rent. i gave my notice to tim and sharon jackson the 1st of april that i was moving out because of jim jackson , manager. i was asked to hold on for a couple of weeks and things were going to change which they didn't. tim and sharon left and said nothing about me moving out .there i was stuck with jim . he said i needed to give him notice again on paper , which i took as a threat, so i did. i have made an appointment with the va to let them know what has been going on at chateau de boise. if that doesn't work, which i know they will go forth with auditing every va person not only at chateau, but with all your companies. i will go to the newspapers and have them print the whole thing. there is enough witnesses to verify what has been going that jim will wish he had never threaten me or everyone he has fired. a letter was sent to corp, and we all have a copy of it , which corp did nothing, and we are assuming that it is because you are going public and selling stock. the corp does not care what hasppens to us old people, they just care about the money. one thing is that elderly abuse is going to be contacted , and we have plenty to say to them. our doctors are very angry that we were taken to our appointments 2 hours early and picked up 2 hours late because our driver of the shuttle was eating lunch. alot of people are scared of jim, but alot of us are not. we asked the doctors not to turned chateau in because we were going to write a letter to corp and take care of it. guess what nothing was done. i have moved to a wonderful retirement with aid and assitance, it is like night and day. i will not wait for another letter from chateau, this abuse has got to stop, and we are going to make sure it does. i knew when i left chateau my trouble wasn't over, jim is relentless in getting back at people he doesn't like as all our witnesses will testify to. all i wanted was to be rid of holiday and start over, but jim wouldn't let it go. i am sorry that this problem couldn't be taken care within your company, we didn't want any trouble for you or us, but we are left with no choice.
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