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Willamette national forest residents surprised by timber sale

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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Goose Project, a 2,134-acre logging operation approved by the Forest Service, will yield 38 million board feet of lumber.

A couple of conservation groups, Oregon Wild and Cascadia Wildlands, knew about the project, which the Forest Service had approved in 2010. The groups had appealed the sale, arguing that the agency failed to adequately describe how it would protect the 956 acres of spotted owl habitat in the area. The appeal was denied, the project approved, the 45-day window for public comment closed.

Which means neighbors have no recourse for weighing in on a substantial logging operation that is literally in their backyards. No recourse to file an appeal or a lawsuit, because they didn’t comment on it in the first place. They can only watch and wait, for the buzz of chainsaw and the whir of helicopters to arrive and start plucking trees out of the forest, one by one.

Read more at the Eugene Register-Guard.



0 #1 Logging is great....Spanky 2012-03-02 08:56:43
I bet the people that are complaining about the logging in their backyard all live in homes made of wood, HUH ?

I think it is time we start to think real. I am not for destroying the world but life has to continue to go forward. We need fuel, so we need to drill, we need wood, so we need to cut down trees. Environmental groups are one of our biggest problems in the USA. A lot of the economy is down because of them. Look around, you will see, and agree
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