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Salem reviews city's use of stimulus grants

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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Salem City Council is meeting to review federal stimulus grants that the city received during the last two years.

Since 2009, the city of Salem has been awarded more than $13.5 million in grant money through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The city council will review the use of those funds at tonight's meeting.

Among other projects, the city has spent $390,000 to help rehabilitate a medical facility in West Salem that provides service for homeless and low-income patients.

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 Kelly Blais
0 #1 making a difference in my community Kelly Blais 2012-02-03 03:28:13
First thing that comes to mind is ...I'm real. A real person with a real dream. I moved from east coast city life to Mill City in the "boonies" I never thought about the daily struggle for income. And it's that way for everyone here. The gas is expensive. There's no where no work. Your choices are slim. But it's beautiful, community is like family, children are happy. It's a very wholesome feeling living in a small community. Mill City back in the day had the mills to give people work. Now there down to only 2 mills and lots of lay offs. It rains A LOT so depression is widely known and accepted in the area as normal. I figure if I can make this lucrative by spreading the talent across the nation or the world for that matter. I can really make a difference in a lot of peoples lives. I care and I want to make a difference. I'm used to living paycheck to paycheck. Most of these people don't get a paycheck. I would like to create hope, options. :-)
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