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Uranium mining may come to Oregon

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Uranium has been found in dense enough concentrations in Oregon that Oregon Energy wants to mine it.

Lachlan Reynolds, Oregon Energy’s president, says the company’s plan is to supply uranium to the domestic U.S. market to provide nuclear power. 
Like gold mining, uranium mining falls under the aegis of the 1872 General Mining Law that considers hardrock mining the highest and best use of the public’s land. Chris Hansen of the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA) says when it comes to the General Mining Law the issue is usually not whether there will be a mine, but how bad the mine will be. 
Nuclear power, post the Fukushima disaster, hasn’t exactly been the most popular energy source and uranium prices dropped after the accident, according to market reports. It’s recently been going for about $54 a pound. But the results of Oregon Energy’s test drilling at the Aurora uranium deposit in southeast Oregon has encouraged the company to go ahead with its plans for an open-pit mine at the site, and Reynolds says Oregon Energy is willing to drop $200 million to establish the mine.

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