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EV fast-chargers coming to I-5

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Electric car fast-charging stations will be installed along Interstate 5 in Southern Oregon.

The fast-charging stations are separate from the EV Project, which is currently installing 14,000 charging stations in six states and the District of Columbia, including some in Oregon.

The Oregon Department of Transportation announced Wednesday that AeroVironment has been chosen to build eight level-3 DC fast-charging stations between Eugene and the California border under a $700,000 federal stimulus grant. The Monrovia, Calif.-based company manufactures unmanned aircraft and industrial charging stations for electric forklifts and aircraft tenders.

Though fewer than 50 electric cars are driving around Oregon, the installation of fast-charging stations will build acceptance for electric vehicles by making it possible for people to take trips beyond the typical range of 100 miles, said John MacArthur, a project manager at Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium in Portland.

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Don D
0 #1 EV fast-chargers coming to I-5Don D 2011-06-02 16:20:38
Why? What a total waste of money. It appears the Government (both Federal and State) are talking out of both sides of their mouth again. First we need to cut back on our electric usage. Now they want to spend $700,000 to build electric charging stations IN THE HOPE that it will build acceptance and we can have more than 50 electric cars driving in Oregon.
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