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Company generates electricity from duckweed

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Pacific Domes of Ashland sells BioEnergy Domes capable of generating electricity from duckweed—and then using the exhaust to grow more duckweed.

The system produces a megawatt of electricity for the same price as coal or nuclear energy, much cheaper than wind or solar.

[Developer Rudy] Behrens, who was in the Rogue Valley this past week, said the present technology grew out of ocean energy projects he pursued in the mid-1990s. His technology uses biomass grown inside of automated, climate-controlled greenhouses within geodesic domes.

"[Duckweed is] a little, water-born plant that doubles in mass every 24 hours. The ducks really like it," Behrens said.

Read more at the Statesman Journal.

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