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Walmart on the way to Warrenton?

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Permits have been filed with the state to develop a 17-acre piece of property in Warrenton along U.S. Highway 101, fueling rumors that Walmart is on the way to the Oregon Coast.

“No one has come to me and said, ‘This is what we’re doing,’ but I know that that is where Warrenton Fiber has been seeking to locate a Walmart store for more than a year,” [Mayor Mark] Kujala said.

Walmart is controversial, in part, because of the impact it would have on family owned local stores, especially in downtown areas where parking may be an issue. Supporters like Walmart prices and point to the jobs a store brings. But various communities around the United States have sought to fight the company, fearing their downtowns will be devastated.

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Rad Hatch
+4 #1 RE: Walmart on the way to Warrenton?Rad Hatch 2011-11-14 12:00:24
Yes, bring us a WalMart, the sooner the better
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+5 #2 Walmart super centerCher 2012-02-29 23:27:03
Walmart would be great to have in the area! Really need a store with better prices on grocerys. The traffic issue will not make an inpact with the new road coming through on ensign.As far as hurting the family owned business they have survived with fred meyer,Costco,Ro ss,staples now in the area in my opion walmart won't hurt,but bring more needed jobs to the area.
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+5 #3 Please please come WalmartAmy 2012-04-12 12:13:40
I understand the argument about local businesses but local businesses don't make it affordable for locals to be able to shop here. It is more affordable for us to go to Hillsboro or Longview to shop since we are a one income family. Walmart will force the local stores to lower their prices.Everythi ng is more expensive here, especially gas and groceries. Walmart will also bring jobs. Let's face it; locals hire family or friends. Walmart will help everyone from Tillamook to Knappa. I just hope this isn't a rumor, but an actuality.
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0 #4 Locals on the Coast Need WalmartGuest 2012-10-09 01:49:55
Small business are already dieing out here and we don't have a walmart yet. About a year ago one of my favorite stores Amazing Stories just moved away. I was really sad to learn this. I would have loved to have set up an account with them but with my unpredictable income I couldn't take the risk. If I was recieving a predictable income from a company like walmart, small businesses like this might still around for the "locals" to enjoy. That's what also ticks me off. Everything is for people who don't even live here. There is not very much for us, especially for the up and coming generations. We live here. Not portland, not seattle. What about us who live here. Haveing walmart will give locals a little more buying power in their own community. Small shops should be encouraging walmart, because they are not doing well anyways now during the off season. Yes, some of our income will go back into walmarts pockets. But I believe it will put more people out in the public with a little extra spending money to do other things. Like go out to the movies, go to plays, go to events at the fairgrounds, bowling, maybe even planing a trip out if this hole. I think that with Fred Meyers, Safeway, and Costco here a Walmart might make the right balance here. We need that compition here. It's not like walmart is the 1st box store here. It's already got compition which I believe will work in everyones favor.
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0 #5 Walmart IgnoranceGuest 2012-11-06 07:06:05
Walmart doesn't create competition. There is no competition with Walmart. Flat out they have to buying power to outsell everyone in the area. You may get better quality and better customer service in other stores but if you don't think Walmart is going to destroy this community you are supremely ignorant to the thousands of examples across the country. Walmart will devastate this community and i am so sad that people in this area cannot see that. The paper quotes that Walmart will create 300 jobs with an average wage of $13.00 an hour. "AVERAGE" is the key here. So the manager will be making much more while most of the employees will be making minimum wage. As far as 300 jobs ok lets take that into account. How many jobs will be lost when Fred Meyers has to close, im guessing around 160 (low-balling it here) and how many small business do you think will disappear in the area when they are swallowed up by WM and what about when half of the Safeway workforce gets laid off. The list goes on. If you honestly believe that Walmart is going to give back to the community, you really haven't done any research at all on what is has done to almost all other communities across the U.S.
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