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Dudley's 20-point jobs plan

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gubernatorial candidate Chris Dudley's 20-point job plan includes cutting capital gains taxes and giving businesses tax credits for hiring the unemployed.

Opponent John Kitzhaber's campaign countered that the Dudley plan was just a series of expensive tax breaks.

The costs of his 20-point plan would be offset by tax revenue from the new jobs it would create, [Dudley] said, after presenting his plan to more than 300 people at a meeting of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce. He said he could not predict how many jobs his plan would produce.

Dudley said he'd also promote more use of the state's natural resources by allowing more logging on state lands, use of forest biomass for energy, investments in water conservation and restoration of cuts to Oregon State University agriculture extension services.

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Or read Dudley's 20-point plan here.



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