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Newport anticipates NOAA boost

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Restaurants, grocery stores, and welders are anticipating increases in business from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration fleet as it moves from Seattle to Oregon.

The town expects up to 175 family-wage jobs and an annual $20 million economic benefit for Newport.

There’s expected to be so much work for local contractors that Lincoln County is teaming up with Oregon Coast Community College to offer workshops for local businesses about how to attain the proper certifications to do jobs for the federal government, county Commissioner Don Lindly said.

While those economic impacts are certain, others are a little more fuzzy. Some employees will have the option to remain in Seattle, and those who work on the ships may live wherever they choose, so it’s unclear how many people will actually relocate to Newport. That’s why area real estate agents’ optimism is cautious, for now.

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0 #1 LOL 175 Jobs!!!Vindi 2010-06-15 13:16:03
Congrats to Newport for getting NOAA to bite on the $50 Million carrot.
But now lets get to the reality of this.

1st - There WILL NOT be 175 "family wage" jobs coming to Newport. if you bought what they told you about it...I have a land in South Florida to sell you. You'll be lucky if there are 40 jobs. Most of the jobs are on the FOUR (Not SIX) ships that will be homeported in Newport. These ships are gone on avg. over 200 days a year. The people manning them live in other areas of the US and if they haven't moved themselves and/or their families to Seattle why do you think they will move them to Newport?

2nd - for every family that moves to Newport count on at least one more person looking for a job in the area. Count on your schools class sizes getting bigger.

3rd - Newport has NO heavy maritime industry where the ships will go for shipyard work. Seattle, Portland, Bellinham will still get the business of repairing the NOAA ships. If you think shipyards will be moving to Newport for NOAA business, guess again. No shipyard is going to move to a place where they will only get work 2-3 months out of the year.

4th - The city of Newport put over $25 Million dollars in the kitty to entice NOAA to move there. How many police officers, firemen, teachers would that have paid for.

5th - This is going to COST Newport. In higher unemployment rate, stretched services, larger class sizes (even if by 1 or 2).

Once the site is built, those temporary construction jobs will go away adding to your already high unemployment. So celebrate all you want, and remember what they say about getting what you want.
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Elizabeth Mason
0 #2 Elizabeth Mason 2010-06-16 15:13:04
All I must ask is who might be the grincheconomist who penned the bad news?
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0 #3 Bad news???Vindi 2010-06-17 07:16:44
Not at all.

Just being truthful here. Your politicos didn't do Newport any favors by enticing this move. In the end it will cost Newport and the taxpayers across the country more money to base NOAA in Newport.

The main cost to the country in general is going to be seen in higher shipping costs for parts. Higher travel costs for personnel who live in other areas (roughly 75-80% of the ships crews) to fly to Newport; excuse me...Eugene or Portland and then drive the 60-180 mins all at tax payers expense. The possility of ships being unable to pull in because of heavy weather and the port is closed costing more money.

The cost to Newport is goign to be seen in higheer unemployment, because of the families that move will have people looking jobs also. Additional burden placed on services, which were cut this year because of a lack of tax money to pay for them...etc.

Newport is a nice bedroom community, but it seriously lacks the proper infrastructure to support an agengy like NOAA. The people who drove this is are hoping that manufacture/shi pyard jobs will come along with NOAA have their heads in the sand. NO company is going to move to a place where their will only be work for 2 months out of the year.

Like I said I hope that the approx 40 jobs and the potential of adding about 40-80 more people looking for jobs in an area that is already suffering high unemployment is what you wanted, cause THAT is what you are going to get.
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