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"Goonies" reunion brings crowds to Astoria

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High Five
Monday, June 07, 2010

A museum exhibit, a costume contest, and location tours were all part of the 25th anniversary "Goonies" celebration that flooded Astoria with visitors this weekend.

Astoria's Chamber of Commerce organized the event when they realized that the film brought fans to Astoria from as far away as Japan.

All of the hotel rooms are full. All of the bus tours are sold out. The autograph lines for the cast meet 'n' greets are five hours long. Hundreds of fans trip blissfully from costume contests to quiz nights. It's like a stoner-free "Big Lebowski" fest. They greet each other on the street with "Hey, you Guu-uuuys!" -- the official greeting of the Goonies.

"The Goonies didn't impact our culture," says [Willis Van Dusen, Astoria's mayor of 19 years]. "The Goonies are part of our culture. They're part of our history. As we go, so go the Goonies."

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Cant wait for the sequel!!
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