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GOP hopefuls talk economics

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High Five
Monday, April 12, 2010

Allen Alley, Chris Dudley and John Lim took the stage in Eugene last weekend in their only joint Lane County appearance of the primary season.

The three Republican candidates shared many of the same views regarding the economy, health care and off-shore drilling.

All three hewed to the orthodoxy of their Republican party: the economy is a mess and, if elected, they will redirect the state after years of Democratic leadership that raised taxes and neglected private-sector job creation. They also agreed that the national health care reforms impose an unconstitutional mandate on state governments that they would oppose on legal grounds. All three agreed that oil drilling off Oregon’s coastline and nuclear energy should be pursued.

When asked by moderator Jack Roberts about whether they believed human activity was a primary cause of global warming and what should be done about it, Alley declared himself a skeptic when it comes to the scientific community’s consensus that climate change is being caused largely by the human-caused emission of carbon dioxide.

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