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Oregon lacks rail funding

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

State officials say Oregon will fall behind Washington in the push to build high-speed passenger railroads unless Oregon finds more stable funding.

Washington received $590 million in federal stimulus funds for its high-speed rail projects in January; Oregon only received $8 million.

The reason is clear...Having spent more of its own money than Oregon to prepare for high-speed rail, Washington had several shovel-ready projects that attracted the federal stimulus funds, said Kelly Taylor, the railroad administrator in the Oregon Department of Transportation.

This year, the federal government will require states to contribute 20 cents of every dollar for high-speed rail projects, she said.

Read the full story at The Register-Guard.

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Jerry Saveriano
0 #1 “High-speed rail lines are a huge waste of money.”Jerry Saveriano 2010-03-10 12:28:22
Says, John A. Charles, Jr., President & CEO of the Cascade Policy Institute.

As head of the free market think tank, Cascade Policy Institute, he has plenty of research and facts to back his strong opinions and recommendations .

Mr. Charles thinks “High-speed rail lines are a huge waste of money.” and he doesn’t support funding the light rail system so beloved by Portland’s environmental elite.

He says. “The Environmental movement is now about running peoples lives… most of their environmental goals have been accomplish. They ought to declare victory, dis-incorporate … donate their office furniture and move on.”

See the full John Charles, Feb 11 interview video at Innovational Musings: http://sandacom.wordpress.com/
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