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Sales tax for health care?

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

While its success of passing in this session is unlikely, a new sales tax is being put before the Legislature that would pay for health coverage for every Oregonian.

Oregon is in a unique position: Since it currently has no sales tax, it would be one of few states that could have a sales tax dedicated to health care.

John DiLorenzo, a Portland lawyer who lobbies on behalf of business clients, told lawmakers Tuesday that a sales tax earmarked for health care would offer savings for businesses and state government.

Employers would no longer be expected to pay health care premiums for their employees. That would boost Oregon's economy, drawing hundreds of new employers to the state and increasing employment and income taxes, he said.

Read the full story at the Statesman Journal.

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John A. Ward
0 #1 sales tax for health?John A. Ward 2010-02-03 14:30:06
I can't believe a supposed advocate for business can say that Oregon enacting ANOTHER tax would be good for business. Oregon is already in the BOTTOM 1/3 of the nation for business. This suggestion would simply move the state closer to last place, is that the real goal? It is becoming almost a moot question about having business MOVE TO Oregon, of the small business people / entrepreneurs I have talked to in the past week ALL are looking into ways to leave the state. Probably all will not leave, but I have been surprised at the reaction.
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