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PERS hikes will hurt budgets

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Monday, January 25, 2010

The board of the Public Employees Retirement System will decide this week whether to increase employer pension contributions.

If the hike goes through, cities, counties, schools and state agencies will all take a significant hit.

Such a hike could force school districts to shorten their school years. Cities and counties might have to cut back spending on vital services. Layoffs are a distinct possibility.
"It doesn't take much of a change in the PERS rate to have a big impact, since 87 percent of our budget is salaries, wages and benefits," said Rich Goward, chief financial officer for the Salem-Keizer School District. "And when you're balancing a budget like that, any sort of fix you have is going to be employee-based."

Read the full story at the Statesman Journal.

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John A. Ward
0 #1 PERS HikesJohn A. Ward 2010-01-25 12:30:28
Simple solution, outsource all state jobs except the police and save all the pension contributions.
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just plain dick
0 #2 just plain dick 2010-01-25 14:59:52
When Government is run by Government everyone loses.
Children lose when Government takes away the money to fund schools to fund themselves. Government unions have crippled education with self greed.
By the way your opinion poll is slanted to the left. you might want to tilt it back to level.
When will they ever learn? answer When Schools Have Choices for Children and compete for students who want to learn so they can earn a livable wage. I said earn.
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