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Tech stays out of tax fight

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The rest of the state's industries are taking clear stances on Measures 66 and 67, but the tech sector is choosing to stay neutral on the tax fight.

The reason: The measures are a conflict between better public education and better business, two of the tech industry's highest priorities.

"I am frustrated about the choice I feel I need to make," said Rich Bader, chief executive of EasyStreet Online Service in Beaverton, a veteran Oregon technologist who said he's undecided about how he'll vote on the taxes.

"It's difficult with the choices we are being offered to take appropriate action," he said, faulting the legislators who approved the increases. "This isn't the right set of questions to be asking."

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John A. Ward
0 #1 tech stays out of fight - whyJohn A. Ward 2010-01-14 12:55:52
I really find it difficult to understand how businesses that may need to lay off people or even think of expanding in Oregon, don't have an opinion about another tax increase. There is no connection between taxes and delivered products to the citizens of the state, there is only state government taking more money rather than look at reasonable ways to deliver services, ever hear of out-sourcing your tasks, government is the only 'business' with basic services that cost 2 -3 times the going rate, that isn't looking for ways to do the job better. A total disconnect that doesn't deserve the money they already waste, let alone more money.
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Rick Creson
0 #2 Not Necessarily SoRick Creson 2010-01-15 09:45:16
The SAO recently sent out a survey to its members about 66 & 67. In thier preface, they voiced their support of both measures. Dissapointing that an organization like SAO is even voicing their opinion.
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