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Wyden defends health bill

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Sen. Ron Wyden defended his support of the developing health-care bill, even if isn't the bipartisan legislation he had hoped for.

Wyden was criticized at a town hall meeting for standing by a "totally partisan" bill, but he said it was a compromise he had to make.

My first choice was a different route," Wyden said in response, "but that stepped on the toes of a lot of powerful interests because it was real change."

Wyden, a Democrat, said he was faced with the choice of "whining and not participating or plunging in and trying to bring a bipartisan philosophy as much as I can," and chose the latter.

Read the full story at the Mail Tribune.

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Dennis Johnson
0 #1 Dennis Johnson 2010-01-10 11:12:25
This bill is not good for the country and cuts deep into recovery.

Wyden has to go!
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Barry Gumbert
0 #2 health care billBarry Gumbert 2010-03-22 15:22:01
This Bill is good for the country and will help the recovery

Walden has to go!
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