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Labor supports tax measures

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Friday, November 13, 2009

The majority of the campaign funds for supporters of measures 66 and 67 is coming from organized labor, but the business-backed opposition has raised more.

The group organizing a campaign to pass measures 66 and 67, Defend Oregon, has raised $150,220, with a balance of $82,173. The main opposition campaign, Oregonians Against Job-Killing Taxes, has raised $1.24 million. After spending most of that on its successful signature drive to force the two tax increases to the January ballot, it reports $302,816 cash on hand.

The measures would raise a combined $733 million. Measure 66 raises the tax rate on individuals’ taxable income above $125,000 and for joint filers’ income above $250,000. Measure 67 replaces the $10 corporate minimum tax with a graduated version that ranges from $150 for most companies to as much as $100,000 for the largest corporations. It also raises the corporate income tax rate.

Read the full story at The Register-Guard.

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thinking forward
0 #1 thinking forward 2009-11-13 14:27:51
Strange? NO means yes and YES means no!
Government Employees "FOR" TAXES, who would think it. The $10 is a FEE not a tax! The private sector is loosing jobs so lets kill the Golden Goose!
Hold Government accountable and stop waste, take the funds being held back by the state and you don't need new taxes.
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0 #2 Local Business Supports Measures 66 & 67Oliver 2009-12-04 18:08:26
I have heard the opposition, read the measures, and am a little confused over the alleged uproar over these measures. We need educated employees, but we don't want to educate them? Should we shoot for growing the 'lowest common denominator' who shops at 'WallMarts' for everything or do we want to nurture our local economy with real growth? Yes, I paid through the nose in taxes last year, and was glad to have the opportunity to help my community. Local business that does not want to support the local community isn't really local. And yes, I will pay more for BOTH measures 66 and 67. Not much, but it will help.
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0 #3 MsJane 2009-12-27 15:07:14
I am not confused over the major opposition to these measures. It's all about GREED. "The one with the most toys ($$$$) wins. I hope not.
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0 #4 One should opposeChris 2009-12-31 11:21:59
I honestly don't like that folks think a single filer, making over 125k a year, should be forced to pay higher taxes (as included in 66). Nobody can argue that amount isn't firmly in the middle class and a reasonable amount for a single income family.

Measure 67, on the other hand, is a little more benign. I'm not a fan of paying higher business fees, but I consider that much more reasonable than taxing people's income further.
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0 #5 One should supportJarboe 2009-12-31 13:51:08
You're right on 67. For 66, however, the $125,000 is only for a single filer, not a family. The income for families (households) is $250,000, well outside of any definition of middle class.
In addition, these are marginal tax rates; that is, they only apply to income above that $250,000. If you make $260,000, you only pay the higher rate on $10,000 of it.
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Jason Pyktel
0 #6 measure 66 and 67Jason Pyktel 2010-01-04 18:58:10
I personally feel people think you negative our undecided think to much! You see everybody in this world isn't going to be perfect sure they both have likes and dislikes , but we are in hard times and all will fall if we don't. The world is no longer dreamy where we can just take are lovely sweet time getting out of debt! Sure this was done fast and can have a few kinks in the measures. But all need to suck it up get with the world as we know it today. Therefore getting with the program because if a lot don't say yes all will fall here in oregon!! Maby not one month and maby not 4 months , but very like could anytime like a year our two. But is would. Everybody would see all good! Get comfortable. Think all is well and then Blam Reality and this one would be so very much not pleasant and no fun. Think about humanbeings depend on it down here! Not everything is perfect and most of all isn't perfect and won't be,if people want perfect you should go buy a animated disney movies because we aren't a perfect world. There has to be bumps in the world to have success like another there has to be failures to have success. Like that of which invented the light bolb had failures but yet gained success and out of the negatives come the positives. Well peace and fareWell! I truely hope we all get through the ruff times. Sincerley: Jason Pyktel at email
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