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Doctors are "mad as hell"

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rallying doctors made a stop in Portland on a cross-country tour in support of a single-payer health system.

They're taking that message to 27 cities from Seattle, where they stopped Tuesday, to Washington, D.C. They aim to pick up a caravan of support as they cruise east, and hope to roll up to the White House on Sept. 30 with thousands of backers. The doctors, who collectively have 220 years of practical experience, are angry, but for different reasons than those who flocked to political town hall meetings in recent weeks to denounce President Obama and congressional leaders for going too far with health care reform.

"I'm angry about it because it doesn't go far enough," says Dr. Paul Hochfeld, 58, an emergency physician in Corvallis.

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0 #1 It's Easy to Be Mad if You are a MillionaireEconomist 2009-09-09 13:28:18
Having spoken to some of these doctors and "activsts" I have found them not wanting. They are basically trust-a-farians who don't have to worry about the costs we, as businesses, have to pay. Do the homework, look at the names, these are not small businesses or struggling MDs, but people with high net worths who think everyone is able to pay as much as they can. When Wal-Mart wants this subsidy, as they do, look out.

Two nations have single payer:
(1) Canada, and
(2) Cuba.

If the solution to healt care seems too simple, like single payer, it is. This is a complex problem requring complex solutuions. Part of the solution has to be an automatic cost controlling mechanism, not a oligopoly of insurers or a monopoly government. I call a cost controllng part of the solution (not the total solution) a "market mechansim."

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thinking forward
0 #2 thinking forward 2009-09-09 14:53:38
Dr.s are crazy as Hell! Rich Dr.s wining about costs? Call the Wambulance!!
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