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Sun shines on rest stop

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Because ODOT owns the rest-area land, it can legally go through with the solar array installation, with or without the public's approval. But the agency wants to get the opinion of communities in West Linn and Oregon City before moving forward with such a large project.

“In theory they could pursue the project anyway,” said Kirsten Wyatt, assistant to West Linn’s city manager. “But that’s not the way they want to proceed. They see this project as a way to teach people about solar energy. I don’t think they would pursue it without that public support.”

The project, which would cost $20 million, could potentially create 140 to 150 jobs, some of which would be to manufacture the solar panels, which are made in Hillsboro.

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harold ball
0 #1 Sun Shines on Rest Stopharold ball 2009-07-14 12:35:21
There should be a cost analysis to show rather or not it is a worthwhile project.
We recently had a solar collector proposal on our buildings in Roseburg.
The return on investment turned out to be so small it was not worth considering.

I have a feeling the only thing that ODOT's teaching experience will show is that Western Oregon does not have good potential for solar.
The 20 million dollars could be spent more effectively on other things

We will be looking forward to a cost analysis.
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